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[VIP] Video Studio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]

[GIVEAWAY] VideoStudio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]

Video Studio is an all-in-one video marketing software that converts any video into traffic, leads, and sales on auto-pilot.
With Video Studio users can automatically create mobile optimized video sites with owned or curated videos.
Many video creation tools have been released over the past year making it possible for anyone to create high quality videos.
But without a marketing solution these videos cannot be profitable and go to waste because you aren’t going to make the most of your viewers, let alone have enough viewers.
That’s why I believe this software comes at the perfect time and it’s the missing piece in the puzzle to your video marketing business.

Product Features:
✔Grow your list & increase sales with In-video CTA technology
✔Promote Amazon/affiliate/CPA offers, webinars, and events
✔Sell physical products and ecommerce
✔Go viral through social media
✔Establish your authority and online presence
✔Build social subscriber list
✔Build profitable video sites with authority in minutes
✔Brings fresh content and traffic on a daily basis

New Video Marketing Technology Allows You To...

Instantly Build Profitable Video Sites That Produces Fresh Traffic In MINUTES... Collect Leads And Sell Products Right Inside ANY Video Even on Videos You Don't Own (100% Legal)!]

We're changing the way you market with videos in 2015

Like it or not... video has become the FASTEST and MOST PROFITABLE way of selling anything online!

The engagement and results it brings to the table is unrivaled by nothing...

And It’s Now Very Easy to Make Professional High Quality Videos

Ever since video became the fastest method of generating targeted traffic, engagement and sales… there’s been a huge surge of many powerful video creation and editing software tools in our market place such as Camtasia Studio, Video Motion PRO, Video Maker FX, Explaindio, Easy Sketch PRO, Press Play etc., as a result… creating high quality videos has become very easy and very affordable…

Today, online marketers with absolutely no previous experience (even those that are camera shy) can now use any of these video editing tools to easily create amazing and high quality presentation, sales and explainer videos in mere minutes

And these videos can be instantly turned into traffic and sales with a decent marketing…

So, do you see the big picture here?

You can just go right now and grab one of this powerful video making software to make your own videos and begin profiting in minutes with the world’s fastest sales and traffic generating machine…

But there’s a problem…
...A really huge problem!

Creating videos and publishing them to Youtube, Vimeo, your blogs or any other channel of distribution NOT actually get you traffic, leads or sales which is what you really wanted the very second you decided to create a video.

And this is where most marketers fail with video marketing

To be successful with video marketing, you need to STOP being an amateur marketer just thinks recording videos and uploading them to Youtube is enough to get results - truth is Youtube, Vimeo etc can only host your videos but not market them

So, how do you take your videos or any video
and make them really profitable?

How do you take your ordinary video and turn into a marketing content that will...

1.) Attract hot new audience FAST (traffic)? 
2.) Engage your audience 
3.) And convert into leads and sales

WE designed a perfect solution…

For the first time ever, an all-in-one profitable video site builder + automated video marketing solution that once you set it up will optimise your videos to automatically siphon MORE traffic, collect profitable leads and generate sales by the bucket-loads every single day on complete auto-pilot…

You just need to install, activate and set it up once - the rest is on auto-pilot!

Literali, Plug. Play. Profits

And the best part is…

It works on videos you don’t even own, so you can legally take ANY video you want on the web and turn it into a profitable asset that will grow your business instantly.

Now, You Get All The Videos and Contents You’ll Ever Need WITHOUT Having To Create Them and You Can Turn Them Into Profits in Minutes…

You can build your business, get more traffic, collect leads and sales without ever making a single video, seriously…

With Video Studio, we’re making it super-easy to use videos to effortlessly generate traffic, leads and profits anytime you want. You’ll finally be able to publish & optimise your videos or ANY video you want professionally to attract, engage and convert your audience into loyal customers so that…

You can now take any video and plug right into Video Studio and start getting results immediately - this system was built to be that perfect bridge and more…

[GIVEAWAY] VideoStudio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]

And you don’t have to change what you’re doing already, you will still be able to upload your videos to Youtube, Vimeo etc., you just them need to plug the videos through Video Studio - that’s all we need to turn you into a professional, highly successful marketer that gets serious results.

and you can have all these professionally setup and automatically… in just MINUTES.

[GIVEAWAY] VideoStudio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]

And It Works for ANY Niche and for ANY Market

We’re Using Videos Right Now To Build List & Crush Affiliate Offers

Once you have a tool as powerful as Video Studio that help automate your video marketing, produce fresh traffic, collect leads and sales for you daily with the inbuilt CTA technology, you can easily have 4 figure days and 5 figure months like us and responsive lists that runs in tens of thousands within a record time.

Profitable Video Site Builder
Videos are very profitable and so are video sites more profitable over ordinary text-based sites. Video Studio allows you to automatically build “in a few clicks” an authority video site in minutes. Whether you want to build a video-based amazon product review sites, affiliate sites, authority niche blogs or branded sites, Video Studio brings media-rich experience.

One-Click Content Discovery
You can easily discover new videos and create engaging contents around them is easy one-click, you just Drag n’ Drop elements and watch as a your high quality content gets created in minutes.

“Catch The Trend” Technology
Never miss another hot trend and hit stories anymore, Video Studio is equipped with the world’s fast trend catching technology that will guarantee you’re the first to know about any video/topic creating massive buzz and going viral the minute it starts happening.

This is how we’re able to launch brand new video sites today and hit 10,000 free targeted visitors in the next 48 hours all because we tap into the hot trends all the time.

Seamlessly Capture Highly Targeted Leads Inside Your Videos
Now, you can easily capture high quality, targeted and responsive leads with sleek opt-in forms right inside your videos and even on videos you don’t own with our highly interactive video player.

Sell Products & Place Buy Buttons Inside The Video
In one click, place buy buttons inside all your videos and start selling products immediately - even on videos you don’t own, that’s how powerful this software - we’re serious about turning your videos into profit centers

Traditional “Video Ad Serving” Made for You
Right inside your videos, you can create your custom video ad serving service that you will use to advertise your new products, grow your brand and create awareness

Professional & Engaging HD Video Player
Display your explainer, sales, presentation and blog videos in a professional and crisp HD player that is super lightweight, mobile responsive, SEO optimised, easily customised and branded.

Inbuilt SEO Ranking Engine for FREE Traffic
We know how important it is that your new video studio site and all the video contents on that site starts getting targeted free traffic the moment you build it, so we’ve integrated our best search engine optimisation modules right into Video Studio to help you snatch up first page Google rankings for high traffic keywords easily.

Some of the in-built modules include video xml sitemap, markup, authority links placement and video playlist seo all design to get you free traffic fast.

Inbuilt Authority & Expert Figure Positioning Kit
Video Studio has professional kits to position you as an authority and expert in your niche with our flagship cloud-boosting technology that will launch your brand on social media with firestorm allowing you to build up your brand fast and acquire thousands of loyal fans in just days.

Bounce Rate Reduction Technology
Bounce rate is one of the biggest problems marketers face everyday with rarely any solution, imagine creating a great content and driving thousands of visitors to watch your video only to see 80% of them leaving without giving you a chance.

Now, imagine if there’s a reduction technology you can setup to magnet those visitors the moment they land on your site, engage them and drastically cutdown your bounce rate helping you retain more traffic and make more money each time - imagine that you have Video Studio!

Sleek Dashboard & Engagement Tracking
Know right off the bat if your campaign is a winner or not though our Post Engagement tracking technology — no more guess work in your campaigns. Ready to run only profitable marketing campaigns? Video Studio is built to deliver just that.

100% Mobile Responsive
Never miss another visitor just because the visitor is on mobile - you can completely tap into the power of those millions of mobile users that browse the web everyday looking for products to buy

First Class Support and Inbuilt Knowledge base
Got any problems? We have some of the world’s best customer support team ready to help you.

Auto Updates
Video Studio comes pre-loaded with an auto-updater so you’re the first to know the second we release a new feature.

[GIVEAWAY] VideoStudio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]

VideoStudio is your answer… PLUS MORE!

Now, all the videos you create can finally become profitable…
Now, you can legally videos created by others and use it to effectively and rapidly grow your brand…
Now, you can have mega-authority video sites, amazon/affiliate product review sites, niche sites built for you on complete auto-pilot…
Now, your videos can magnet fresh audience, go viral on social media and become traffic machines that churn out profits faster than you can say the word PROFITS”…

Video Studio Platinum Upgrade
more traffic, more leads, more sales - everything 10xed!

You now have Video Studio to begin creating high quality profitable video sites and automated your video marketing to get more traffic, sales and leads. That said, we want you to become very successful using this video marketing system so we added extra features to the software and created more video marketing tools to perfectly compliment with Video Studio and 10x your results.

We have created the perfect compliment to your Video Studio software, features which are going to enable you make more profit using other people's video and only display the parts of their video you want (think of building a six figure income with videos WITHOUT ever recording a single video)

This single feature allows you to build an authority brand in days using other people's content and efforts, you just plug and play all the time - very legal!

And we also tell you the exact people in the exact niches that using their videos will build your authority, get your more followers and grow your business instantly.

Just take a look at some of the awesome new features, accessories and tools that are packed into the Video Studio platinum package!

Here's Exactly What You Get With The Platinum Upgrade

[GIVEAWAY] VideoStudio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]
2 Additional Themes to Build More Profitable Video Studio Sites
We've designed 2 extra and high converting theme for your video studio sites and video marketing campaigns, these 2 extra themes convert 5x as much as the single theme you get in the basic version. Once you upgrade to Platinum, you get access to these 2 high converting themes to use in all of your campaigns.

[GIVEAWAY] VideoStudio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]
2 Extra "Highly Interactive" CTA Technology Hot New Feature
when you get this platinum pack today, you also get 2 more interactive call to actions so you can engage even more visitors and sell more products - First is the full splash banner technology so you can use splash banners right inside any video to advertise your products and brands

And second is the annotations in-video call to action technology that is proven to create 3x more engagement and captures attention more than any other video marketing strategy. With this unique call to action right inside your Video Studio platinum, you’ll be able to engage more audience and generate more profits from your traffic effortlessly.

[GIVEAWAY] VideoStudio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]
Power Players Collection (The Mega Builder)
We will give you access to the power players in multiple niches/industry that when combined with Video Studio to grow your business will explode your traffic and sales. I'm talking about the biggest power players that pull in massive audience - people you can use their influence to hack your growth immediately.

The fastest way to become successful is leaning in with the power players and influential figures in your industry. With this platinum pack upgrade… we will show you exactly the players you need to exploit their influence for rapid growth (this collection covers lots of niches including skin care, beauty, gaming, fashion, health, weight loss, law, self help, social media, marketing, cooking etc.)

But Still, That's NOT All… I Prepared A "Platinum Bonus" For You Too
You see, we created "Video Studio Platinum Package" from the ground up with one goal in mind...
to make you a LOT of money EASILY!

We want to make sure that you get started collecting hyper-responsive leads and making MONEY
fast in no time with the platinum pack so we're giving you something you would be grateful for
forever – our best marketing template to date for free as a special platinum bonus…

Get Our High Profit
"4 Figure per Day" Template
This template has made us over $10,000 commissions and generated over 12,000 leads last week alone across multiple offers such as Raspberry Ketones Max, OxyHives, Venapro, Garcinia Cambogia, V-Tight Gel, Idol Lash, ZetaClear , Yeastrol and 4 others offers we're promoting with it.

Even Better, We're Also Upgrading Your Platinum Package With
"HD Feature Photos" To Attract & Retain More Audience

[GIVEAWAY] VideoStudio +Platinum +Bonuses [LEGIT LICENSE]

Professional photos used in video marketing to attract and retain visitors are EXPENSIVE! You also have to purchase extended licenses if you want to use the photo for commercial use, and if you don't own the right to the photo you use specifically on YouTube, you are liable for getting your videos taken down and you can not monetize your videos unless you own the rights to the photos...

That said, we have exclusively packaged our best high-res HD photos you can use for making engaging videos that attract visitors and sales, you can also use them as featured images for your video posts, use them as placeholders or whatever you want all without limitation! Simply select your desired photos, add them to your videos and instantly increase the viewer retention rate of your videos or use them as feature and placeholder images in your video studio sites to attract new followers.

Most Photo Selling Sites Charge $399/Month
for Access to Just 250 Images Only! 
Now you can take your video marketing to the next level, and have everything you need to create and market compelling and highly engaging sales, explainer & presentation videos as well as our complete package of premium traffic multipliers.

Make sure to take action on this page as we are only offering this package to you at this special low discount this ONE time Only.

Save yourself hundreds of dollars on getting traffic & sales by using platinum features & accessories that will automatically grow your business. And more importantly, save your time!

VideoStudio Platinum



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