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Best Free Tools To Create High Quality Animated GIFs [FREE & FULL]

1.) ScreenToGif

Screen to GIF is a small portable application that you can use to record a selected portion of your PC screen as animated GIF. It has more features than you would typically expect in such a small application. The GIF quality is excellent....

You select the frame rate and the recording area, and when you click record, it starts to capture the GIF. You can manage the playback rate, and choose to loop it and if that isn’t enough, the app also lets you add text to your GIF, insert title or image frames, and edit each individual frame. It is about as complete as a GIF making app gets and it’s fast.

-Record your screen and save directly to a gif looped animation.
-Pause and continue to record.
-Move the window around to record what you want.
-You can add Text, Subtitles and Title Frames.
-Edit the frames, add filters, revert, make yoyo style, change frame delay, add border, add progress bars.
-Export frames.
-Crop and Resize.
-You can work even while the program is recording.
-Remove frames that you don't want.
-Select a folder to save the file automatically or select one before enconding.
-Add the system cursor to your recording.
-Very small sized, portable and multilanguage executable.
-Start/Pause and stop your recording using your F keys.
-Multi language: Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Greek, French, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese and Tamil.
-GreenScreen unchanged pixels to save kilobytes.
-You can apply actions/filters to selected frames.
-Fullscreen Recording.
-Snapshot Mode.
-Drag and Drop to add frames in the editor.


2.)  LICEcap

LICEcap can capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to .GIF (for viewing in web browsers, etc) or .LCF (see below). 

LICEcap is an intuitive but flexible application (for Windows and now OSX), that is designed to be lightweight and function with high performance. LICEcap is easy to use

In addition to .GIF, LICEcap supports its own native lossless .LCF file format, which allows for higher compression ratios than .GIF, higher quality (more than 256 colors per frame), and more accurate timestamping. If you record to .LCF, you can play back the .LCF files within REAPER (and/or use it to convert to .gif or another video format). 

LICEcap is GPL free software, each download package includes the source. 

Features and options:
-Record directly to .GIF or .LCF.
-Move the screen capture frame while recording.
-Pause and restart recording, with optional inserted text messages.
-Global hotkey (shift+space) to toggle pausing while recording
-Adjustable maximum recording framerate, to allow throttling CPU usage.
-Basic title frame, with or without text.
-Record mouse button presses.
-Display elapsed time in the recording.


3.)  GifCam 

GifCam makes it easy to create animated GIF images by simply recording the activity from a selected portion of your screen.

Simply move and size the recording frame over the area you want to capture and press a button to start recording. The program will automatically optimize the recorded frames by replacing redundant pixels with a green screen, which can significantly reduce the size of the final animation.

Once you're done recording, you can edit the animation by removing unwanted frames, adding text overlays and adjust frame delays.

Other features include support for cursor capture, FPS recording options, grayscale conversion, GIF preview, and more.


GIF Optimizer - Reduce The File Size Of GIF Animations

GIF Optimizer enables you to reduce the size of your GIF animations without perceivable quality loss. The program achieves this by removing unused palette entries and redundant pixels and by automatically reducing the number of colors used in the palette.

Our tests produced size reductions by up to 65% with the default settings. The results may vary depending on your animation and whether is has already been optimized to some degree. You can adjust the settings to customize the results.

GIF Optimizer provides a handy side-by-side preview that that makes it easy to compare your original animation to the optimized version.








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For 30 Screen Capture Tools for Sharing Your View, go to link below:

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